You Just Never Know

In business school, Professor Eric Von Hippel taught us to look to high need and lead users as a source of innovation. Reflecting back on the services that SystemExperts offers, he was exactly right.

Our Security Blanket service was born out of the need of a major financial institution to make sure that the web site supporting its high net worth investors was operationally secure and continuously monitored.

Our penetration testing services were born when Prodigy (yes, remember Prodigy, it was a long time ago) needed to be sure its systems and infrastructure could withstand hacker attacks.

This year, it is Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM). For years we’ve been advising clients that they need to instrument systems and applications to detect security events and regularly review system and security logs. Guess what? Too many IT organizations are understaffed and overworked. Most organizations don’t have the cycles to consistently perform this most basic of security hygiene.

2010 is notable as the year that several of our clients turned to us and said, “Can you just do it for us?” Since we’ve advised clients in setting up and operating Security Information and Event Monitoring systems for years, we said, “Of course.”

If you find yourself in this same situation, you are not alone. Compliance requirements are forcing this issue.