Vendor Risk Management

Today, most companies do not operate in isolation—they build technical ecosystems with components from vendors and cloud services, and integrate their systems with those of their business partners. This is good for business, but it increases attack surfaces and complexity. Moreover, most companies do not have visibility into external components and systems. Organizations like yours are justifiably concerned that these external systems could put confidential customer information or intellectual property at risk.

SystemExperts’ comprehensive Vendor Risk Management program not only protects your business from potential threats, but also gives your customers, partners, and prospective clients the peace of mind that you are in line with the latest security and compliance frameworks. We assess the risks presented by external vendors and business partners, as well as operational risks. We also provide documentation of assessments to your clients and others who use your systems to reassure them that the vendors you use are trustworthy. Finally, we help your team complete vendor security questionnaires (e.g., Standardized Information Gathering, aka SIG), frequently required by your prospective clients.

Assess Risks from External Sources

Whether your business is already working with externally-provided components or systems, or considering integrating new software into your computing stack, you need to know whether that software has security weaknesses that could lead to unauthorized access to data or risk system integrity. SystemExperts begins by examining systems and providing diligence in reviewing SOC 2 reports, along with the policies implemented by the external software under consideration.

Assess Operational Risks

Analysis of software to determine security preparedness is critical, but we treat the operational environment and dynamic interactions between subsystems as equally important. For example, network configuration, authentication controls, and even backup practices can all be sources of security issues. SystemExperts examines and monitors the operational environment of external systems and components to ensure you have a complete perspective of run-time security risks.

SystemExperts’ comprehensive Vendor Risk Management program protects your business from potential threats and gives you peace of mind.

Document Assessments for Your Clients

If your business provides software components to other companies – or if you are integrating your systems with another company’s systems – your clients will want evidence that your components or systems are secure. Our team will produce documentation showing that your systems have been rigorously reviewed by SystemExperts in our role as a qualified security assessor. These reports will generate trust between you and your clients, and increase the speed of integrating systems.

Assist Completion of Vendor Security Questionnaires

When companies are looking for a software vendor, they frequently require a completed security questionnaire that describes the level of security of the software. If you are a software vendor, SystemExperts can help you complete one or more of the questionnaires you may encounter, such as Standardized Information Gathering (SIG). This will arm you with the best possible descriptions of your security controls and minimize the time needed to respond.

IoT devices may generate significant network traffic and information that could be useful to hackers

Ensure Your Business is Fully Secure

With a complete range of risk management services, the SystemExperts team will help your organization assess and minimize risk from external sources. We set you up for success and let your team focus on what’s important. Contact SystemExperts to request a free and confidential Risk consultation by phone.

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