The data security threat is complex and constantly changing

by Adam Muspratt, content editor, CX Network, August 16, 2018

Adam Muspratt, content editor for CX Network, interviewed several experts in cyber security. In this report Muspratt delves into data security and discusses how complex the threat is and the fact that it is constantly changing.

Data security in customer experience: Are CX teams cyber-aware?

Going into 2019 and beyond, data security will continue to be a major source of investment across all industries and sectors. The many high profile data breaches throughout 2017-18 – and the customer backlash that followed – have served as a constant reminder that cyber security is something that customer experience (CX) teams must take into consideration.

Jonathan Gossels, CEO, SystemExperts, stated, “There are really two questions we have to consider going into the future where customers are increasingly willing to take extra measures to know that their transactions are secure:

  1. What are the major brands doing to ensure that they are operationally cyber secure?
  2. What level of transparency/impact are they willing to impose on their customers?”

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