Smart Phone & Wireless Network Security Services

Smart Phone Security Services

Most smart phone assessments are focused on determining the security risks of a particular mobile device application and the risks associated with the infrastructure of the mobile device itself.  This includes determining if the application properly limits the activities of the user or if the application exposes the mobile device and allows you to inappropriately access confidential data on the phone.

Activities in the Smart Phone Service:

  • Review the security settings, configurations, and storage utilized by the mobile application.
  • Determine if the mobile application minimizes risk to the front-end infrastructure.
  • Identify instances where private data may be exposed or stored insecurely.
  • Attempt to escalate privileges.
  • Determine if the application creates security risks to any back-end application services or network resources.
  • Review the binaries associated with the mobile application to determine if it is using appropriate supporting security APIs and functions.

Wireless Network Security Services

Whether used externally to extend corporate services to employees using mobile devices or internally to replace hard wired networks, many wireless deployments are not adequately secured. Our wireless network security service will help you take advantage of the flexibility of wireless capabilities while ensuring that your vital resources, assets, and confidential information are properly protected.

Activities in the Wireless Network Service:

  • Review your current wireless policy document for access point configuration and deployment to determine whether the policy meets current industry best practices.
  • Perform an access point audit to determine if the deployed access points are consistent with the policy.
  • Identify access points and document their details (i.e., where they were discovered and characteristics of them, such as vendor and type) to assess whether or not known access points are broadcasting their signals to unexpected areas and to detect unknown access points.
  • Attempt to gain access to a network without authentication credentials.
  • If there is a guest network, test the communication isolation policy to see if private networks can be accessed.
  • If there are multiple networks, test unauthorized communication between the networks.

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