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Every computer system connected to a public network is always under attack. Hackers are smart and change their tactics as quickly as businesses solve their latest security issues. New security weaknesses appear regularly from many sources resulting in an ongoing battle to secure computing ecosystems. Unless security is one of your business’s core competencies, you need a trusted partner to help find and remediate your organization’s security issues—and then help build a culture of best security practices to keep your environment robust and trustworthy.

For new clients, SystemExperts advises a thorough battery of security testing, custom-tailored to your business and to your systems. Our portfolio of tests includes examining external Internet exposure, internal vulnerability risks, regulatory compliance (e.g., PCI-DSS, HIPAA, NIST), social engineering, physical infrastructure, and more.

External Network Vulnerability Assessment

External hackers focus on harming your computing environment directly from the Internet. SystemExperts uses publicly available exploit code and commercial vulnerability testing tools, as well as our proprietary tools, to assess a hacker’s ability to gain access to your business’s internal systems and data, and to perform a focused penetration test. The result will be an actionable assessment report detailing the security effectiveness of the perimeters of your on-premise data center and cloud environments, as well as steps outlining how security can be improved.

Internal Network Vulnerability Assessment

It’s a sad truth that many damaging hacks to an organization’s computing ecosystem come from inside the company. Whether it’s from malicious activity or from inadvertent actions, the result can be the same—loss or corruption of data, damage to systems, and, ultimately, harm to the reputation and health of the company. SystemExperts tests and examines internal systems, governance and access controls, configurations, and other issues to determine the degree of risk your business faces now, and how to eliminate or manage the weaknesses.

SystemExperts custom tailors security solutions for your business.

Focused Penetration Testing

SystemExperts’ Focused Penetration Testing services identify any deep-rooted security gaps and covert risks to your organization’s most critical network assets. Focused Penetration Testing not only tests your systems and services – it also tests your employees and internal processes against potential threats. Once completed, our team will then determine whether your network configuration and security procedures will provide adequate protection against malicious attacks initiated either internally or externally.

Web Application Vulnerability Assessment

Websites, and the applications that run on them, provide attack surfaces that attract hackers. Web servers are one of the access points of your computing environment that are always accessible by outsiders. SystemExperts will verify that websites, web applications, and other web-enabled services employ proper configuration, require secure credentials for all user access, and do not offer sensitive information without requiring a secure login.

SystemExperts advises a thorough battery of security testing, custom-tailored to your business and to your systems.

Social Engineering Assessments and Training

As a business owner, your greatest assets are your employees. However, human errors happen all the time and your security practices must address these risks. SystemExperts can minimize these errors by facilitating security awareness and training programs. These programs simulate real-life risks, such as sending custom emails that simulate phishing, voice phishing, and virus attacks, enabling employees to recognize threats before they become exploits.

Ongoing Automated Testing with EXPERTscan

Security weaknesses arise over time and from many different sources. Therefore, to achieve a high level of constant security, continual testing is required. Our exclusive EXPERTscan service is an automated testing system that conducts internal and external network environment vulnerability scans on a periodic basis. Using EXPERTscan over a predetermined time period exposes risks in the networking infrastructure as well as increases the general awareness of security issues.

Internet of Things (IoT) Testing

As IoT devices continue to proliferate, the security risks associated with them will become increasingly more important. IoT sensors may be casually installed by individuals who are not aware of security best practices – like always changing default password settings. Additionally, IoT devices may generate significant network traffic and information that could be useful to hackers. SystemExperts’ IoT testing services can find security weaknesses in large and complex IoT systems.

IoT devices may generate significant network traffic and information that could be useful to hackers

A Chain Is Only as Strong as Its Weakest Link

SystemExperts does not outsource or subcontract this work. We never use hackers, and we never leave systems in a less secure state than when we found them (no back doors). Many other firms cannot say the same. Contact SystemExperts to request a free and confidential Security Testing consultation by phone.

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