The road to comprehensive and
cost-effective security

Are you confused about ISO 27002 requirements?
Do you need help achieving ISO 27002 compliance?
Are you afraid of high costs for consulting and implementing these requirements?

Our team can guide you from preparation through certification to achieve ISO 27002 compliance. We work with you to ensure that security measures are applied wisely and cost-effectively. Our efforts are focused on activities that will reduce real business risk.

SystemExperts’ ISO 27002 Compliance Program provides the following:

  • Encourages organizations to develop a security program that integrates business and technology
  • Helps to identify and prioritize specific tasks to improve security and achieve compliance
  • Focuses on activities that reduce real business risk
  • Positions companies to meet the security requirements of Sarbanes Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, HIPAA, PCI, and other pertinent regulations
  • Improves cross-functional (e.g. Legal, HR, lines of business) cooperation on security matters
  • Identifies deficiencies in security areas that are often overlooked
  • Encourages organizations to develop a balanced view of security that includes secure business processes, well designed policies, and appropriate use of technology
  • Communicates to prospective customers, business partners, board members, employees, and regulators that the organization has a comprehensive security program in place

About SystemExperts

Founded in 1994, SystemExperts is the premier provider of professional IT compliance and security consulting services.Our team excels at designing solutions to meet organizations’ comprehensive security needs. We’ve helped hundreds of companies deal with imminent threats as well as proactively planning for long-term security.