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Operational Services is the glue that connects and extends all of the assessments and services provided by SystemExperts. Your business will receive a senior security advisor who can perform whatever security-related activities you need, such as providing input on policies and best practices, helping with your pre-sales security planning, answering questions and mentoring, and building security architectures and components.

SystemExperts advisors work seamlessly with your team, either remotely or embedded within your security and development teams. If you are short-staffed or need additional security expertise to jump-start new projects, Operational Services can fill the gap.

Our security advisors come from diverse backgrounds, such as leading development teams, participating in Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and Network Operations Centers (NOCs), and standards development. We use a pragmatic and hands-on approach with all of our clients. Our internal teams coordinate across projects and communicate with other industry experts from the security community to ensure your challenges are met with the industry’s best solutions.

Our flexible services and broad industry expertise allow us to build customized solutions for each client. The following engagement models are examples of what SystemExperts can provide.

Your business will receive an expert, senior security advisor who can perform whatever activities you need

Assessment Follow-Up & Remediation

SystemExperts advisors bridge the gap between security problems found during the assessment and the steps that need to be taken to remediate those issues. One of our advisors will help prioritize approaches and explain the options for addressing security issues in greater detail. If a more hands-on approach is necessary, a SystemExperts advisor can be embedded with your staff to supplement existing security personnel and to help focus the activities needed to remediate the security issues.

Front Line for Security Emergencies

Security emergencies demand immediate attention to deliver definitive and effective results. Our team can be first in line or on standby for any unexpected security challenge your organization faces. We can also mentor your company’s security personnel to take on the role themselves. This work is often performed remotely – security problems can arise at any time and the problems are usually accessible from any Internet-enabled location

Architecting Secure SaaS Applications

For companies that build Cloud SaaS applications, it is critical to build security in at the design and implementation stage. Our advisors are versed in security best practices for application and server architectures and operational deployments, and can contribute actionable advice to design teams. Because in-person relationships and interactions are often required to make teams effective, a SystemExperts advisor may embed with your development team.

Building a Security Discipline for Your Business

If your company does not yet have a mature security organization, a SystemExperts advisor can help with a variety of activities: suggesting security policies to be implemented, providing in-depth training on security or addressing compliance issues relevant to your business, providing advice on how to integrate a security team into development and operations organizations, and even helping to identify the right security experts to hire for your internal security team.

If your company does not yet have a mature security organization, a SystemExperts advisor can help with a variety of activities

A Chain Is Only as Strong as Its Weakest Link

SystemExperts does not outsource or subcontract this work. We never use hackers, and we never leave systems in a less secure state than when we found them (no back doors). Many other firms cannot say the same. Contact SystemExperts to request a free and confidential Security Testing consultation by phone.

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