Security Testing

Why SystemExperts

SystemExperts is a boutique security consulting company with a well-earned reputation for performing vulnerability assessments in some of the most demanding, fast-paced environments. Our clients appreciate the personal service, meticulous methodologies, and brief, easy to understand reports that SystemExperts provides. Each of our consultants brings years of experience and formal training to bare on every project.

SystemExperts has built long-standing relationships with our clients based on transparency, responsiveness, and consistent quality of our work. All testing work is performed by SystemExperts consultants (never outsourced), allowing them to be an ever-ready resource and extension of your security team during and following every project.

There are several tenets that guide our security testing activities: we don’t leave systems in a less secure state than when we started, we don’t perform tests that will negatively impact system performance, and we will immediately contact you if any glaring issues are identified.

Security Testing Overview

SystemExperts’ Security Testing is custom-tailored to each environment and assesses your security program and the security posture of each critical system, network, and application. Our security testing methodologies incorporate industry standard approaches and popular tools, supplemented by the insights and intelligence gained from years of experience and custom tools to identify gaps that might allow an attacker to access your most critical assets.

Security tests offered by SystemExperts are tailored to specific areas of your network, application, or product, and include:

Why Include Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing focuses on analyzing the risks latent in your networks, systems, and applications. In some cases, a determined intruder’s intent is to gain access to sensitive data or subtly change application processing and in others, it’s simply to disrupt your operations. SystemExperts security testing focuses on identifying risks (security gaps) in your infrastructure as they apply to your unique business context. Security testing is never one-size-fits-all.

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