Network-Layer Penetration Testing

SystemExperts’ Network-Layer Penetration Testing identifies the deep-rooted security gaps and covert risks to the organization’s most critical network assets. Our methodologies use publicly available exploit code, commercial vulnerability and penetration testing tools, and internally developed exploit code and tools to identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.


Internet Exposure Profile with Focused Penetration Test

SystemExperts’ Internet Exposure Profile with Focused Penetration Test is a remotely-performed vulnerability assessment and penetration test of an external network environment. This helps us identify vulnerabilities in Internet-facing services and determine if those vulnerabilities might allow a determined intruder access to internal resources.

SystemExperts’ Internet Exposure Profile with Focused Penetration Test includes, but is not limited to:

  • Publicly available sensitive information
  • Internet reachable services with well-known vulnerabilities
  • Misconfigured services
  • Exposed administrative interfaces
  • Unprotected and outdated services
  • Weak credentials


Internal Vulnerability Assessment with Focused Penetration Test

SystemExperts’ Internal Vulnerability Assessment with Focused Penetration Test is an internally-performed vulnerability and penetration test of an internal network environment using remote testing technology, which may require an on-site test depending on the network environment. We are then able to determine if your system and network configurations provide adequate protection against a malicious attack initiated from within your internal environment.
Internal Vulnerability Assessments are necessary not only to protect against internal malicious activity, but also to protect against determined intruders that gain internal access through social engineering.

SystemExperts’ Internal Vulnerability Assessment with Focused Penetration Test identifies, but is not limited to:

  • Services with well-known vulnerabilities
  • Unrestricted access to database servers
  • Unanticipated third-party system activity
  • Default configurations and web directories
  • Sensitive information passed in clear text
  • Unprotected administrative interfaces


Cardholder Data Environment (CDE) Segmentation Test

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) requires CDE Segmentation Testing. This is an internally-performed configuration evaluation of a network environment to confirm that adequate segmentation controls are in place or identify segmentation controls that have been improperly implemented.

Effective network segmentation is a security best practice regardless of an organization’s PCI compliance obligations.


Wireless Security Assessment

SystemExperts’ Wireless Security Assessment is an analysis of the security of deployed wireless solutions that determines if there are adequate controls in place to protect valuable resources from unauthorized wireless access.

SystemExperts’ Wireless Security Assessment includes, but is not limited to:

  • Attempting to gain access to each network without authentication credentials
  • Testing the communication isolation policy
  • Testing unauthorized communication between the different wireless networks
  • Assessing the security of the Access Points



SystemExperts’ EXPERTscan provides periodic internal or external network environment vulnerability scans and reports. EXPERTscan is a largely automated methodology and process that scans for vulnerabilities and network misconfigurations at mutually agreeable intervals over a predetermined time period, promoting persistent security awareness while pinpointing risks to your network environment in a timely manner.

SystemExperts’ EXPERTscan will:

  • Identify vulnerabilities on tested systems
  • Identify unpatched security exposures that introduce unnecessary risk
  • Provide a description of the issue itself
  • Outline the technical details of the vulnerability
  • Provide a recommendation for remediation when applicable

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