Internet of Things (IoT) Testing

There is a tremendous amount of variety in IoT devices, and how they are deployed or managed, much of the infrastructure has similar components that need security-related testing. The fact is, Internet-based IoT hosts, services, and applications require the same level of independent security assessments like any other important resource. In addition to the IoT devices themselves, these environments, like any other Internet-based services, are susceptible to exploits and weaknesses associated with management consoles, host and cloud accounts and other usual attack opportunities such as hosts, servers, and services.

An IoT architecture often is comprised of Internet-based hosts that require network level assessments or even penetration testing: for example field gateways, cloud gateways, data and cloud storage, or other Internet-reachable hosts. For this type of Internet-based host testing, SystemExperts provides Network-Layer Penetration Testing services. See here for more details: Network-Layer Penetration Testing.

Most IoT architectures are also comprised of one or more applications to manage the device or the infrastructure itself. These often take the form of Internet-based web applications. For this type of Internet application testing, SystemExperts provides Website and Application-Layer Penetration testing services. See here for more details: Website and Application-Layer Penetration Testing.

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