Identity & Access Management Services

Identity and access management is one of the cornerstones of security; every organization has to control access to its systems and resources and know who has access to what data and when. From authentication and authorization to document and data retrieval, identity and access management services help you control your assets and ensure they remain uncompromised.

It’s more than security, however. Effective identity and access management systems simplify usability for your employees by standardizing applications and processes across the board allowing for easy-to-use, cost-effective solutions.

SystemExperts offers a wide range of identity and access management services including:

  • Collecting and assessing identity and access management requirements as driven by business needs, regulatory compliance, organizational structure, and technology integration
  • Assessing the security of identity and access management deployments from architecture reviews through security testing
  • Conducting I&AM product comparisons, RFPs, and product selection
  • Evaluating and recommending integration and deployment schedules
  • Working with external parties or organizational divisions to develop federation models

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