Operational Security Assessment

A simpler, cost-effective compliance program for peace of mind

SystemExperts is dedicated to keeping your data, customer information and employee information and intellectual property safe. For some organizations, that means a full compliance program with a formally documented security program to be assessed against industry standards like ISO 27002, NIST, PCI, HIPAA / HITECH, and others.

For clients who don’t require stringent, formally documented policies, SystemExperts offers its unique Operational Security Assessment (OSA) to review an organization’s operational security practices based on a pre-selected subset of critical controls, derived from the ISO 27002 standards, PCI and HIPAA.

Our OSA controls service focuses more on what the client is doing to safeguard its operations and data and less on formally documented policies.

The OSA assesses whether an organization is putting itself at risk with its in-place practices and technical controls. The most important outputs of the assessment are:

  • Validation that in-place operational controls are effective
  • Targeted recommendations to improve the client’s operational security
  • Practical insight to develop a roadmap for improvement

The Operational Security Assessment service is designed for small to medium organizations:

  • Looking to improve its operational security practice
  • Needing guidance before drafting or reworking a Written Information Security Program (WISP)
  • Looking to satisfy a third-party requirement (e.g. auditor, customer, prospect) to have an assessment completed by an outside firm without the anxiety of written policy scrutiny.

This lower cost option is the ideal compliance service for small to medium organizations starting on the path towards formal security compliance.

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