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IT Regulatory Compliance Programs

SystemExperts’s IT compliance programs are based on a life-cycle approach. For most organizations, the first challenge is understanding the requirements imposed by the regulation of the contract (as in the case of PCI DSS).

Our IT compliance methodology whether for HIPAA, PCI DSS, or ISO 2700X consists of the following steps:

  • Education – interpreting the standard in the context of your unique business environment & risks
  • Assistance in closing compliance gaps
  • Formal compliance assessment
  • Communication – a Compliance Statement for organizations to use with third parties to demonstrate their compliance with the standard or regulation
  • Annual compliance update

Compliance Program Lifecycle


SystemExperts uses a lifecycle approach in guiding our clients through our compliance programs.

We help our clients interpret the particular regulation or standard within the context of their unique business model and help them understand what it means to comply. We then work with the organization to identify pertinent compliance gaps and provide practical recommendations to close those gaps.

Once those gaps are closed, SystemExperts will return to perform a rigorous compliance assessment and document the company’s success in a format to be shared with relevant third parties.