Services for Capital Asset Management Firms

SystemExperts provides security and compliance services for an elite set of capital asset management firms. These firms are characterized by a high need to protect their reputation, intellectual property (investment strategy and analytics), information about their clients, and maintain regulatory compliance.

To help these firms maintain operational security and compliance, SystemExperts provides the following services:

  • Application Security Architecture Review
  • Web Application Vulnerability Testing
  • Penetration Testing – Internal and External (Internet based penetration testing)
  • Network Based Vulnerability Assessments
  • Vulnerability Prioritization and Remediation Support
  • Compliance Assessments:
    • ISO 2700X
    • PCI DSS
  • Controls Testing: Operational Security Assessment
  • Policy Review and Development
  • Log & Event Manager Tuning and Log Monitoring
  • Questionnaire Support and Knowledgebase Development
  • Recruiting Support: Screening of Security Staff
  • Incident Response Planning
  • Phishing & Social Engineering Assessment
  • Ad-Hoc Support Activities
  • Ongoing Security Blanket Services
    • monthly EXPERTscans of clients’ Internet perimeter and internal network
    • monitoring for unexpected changes in TCP/IP services
    • monitoring for unexpected changes to the website
    • monitoring of domain name expiration
    • monitoring of digital certificate expiration
    • monitoring of vendor patches and security updates
    • operational security prioritization and remediation support


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