IT Security Audit & Network Security Assessment

Using our innovative and highly interactive Accelerated Security Assessment methodology, our consultants will work with your IT team to perform a quick but comprehensive review of the security of your applications, systems, and networks in their full environmental and business context.

We will also help you to understand and apply industry best practices in network security. You may use this as the jumping off point for planning and prioritizing security initiatives. Our clients value both the short duration and the immense knowledge transfer that occurs during these intense Accelerated Security Assessments.

At SystemExperts, we use several techniques to audit and analyze the security of your IT environment from several angles.

To ensure breadth of coverage, we often use the international security standard, ISO 27002 compliance, as a framework for these assessments. Rather than looking at formal compliance, we look to see if the client is generally “doing the right thing” in each major security area.

SMARTdays℠ Service

We’ll be there when you need us.

SMARTdays service is a retainer arrangement where clients typically buy a handful of consulting days and use them for ad-hoc support over the course of the year. This enables access to the entire SystemExperts team.

We’ll be there when you need to bounce ideas off a knowledgeable sounding board or simply brain-storm with someone on ways to solve a particularly tough problem. Alternatively, we’ll be there in-depth and hands-on helping you to deal with particular security or compliance issue, if that is what you need.

Think of the SystemExperts SMARTdays as providing you with the coverage and bench-depth you’ve always needed, but could never before afford on a full time basis.

Schedule Your Network Security Audit

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