Security Policy & Best Practices

Security starts with understanding your company’s underlying business and regulatory requirements. Security policy is the means by which these requirements are translated into operations, directives, and consistent behaviors.

At SystemExperts, we regularly assist organizations in developing and updating security policies. In addition, we frequently work with our clients to identify where their current security practices, policies, or procedures are at variance with industry best practices.


The SystemExperts Security Blanket™ is a customizable set of security solutions that allow you to pay only for the services that you need. The services consist of a mix of routine activities (e.g., simple best practices) that every company knows it should use regularly but too often is unable to perform, and others that require skills and tools that are seldom found in IT departments. These services are designed to minimize the burden placed on your staff.

Annual External Network Vulnerability Assessment

External hackers focus on harming your computing environment directly from the Internet. SystemExperts uses publicly available exploit code and commercial vulnerability testing tools, as well as our proprietary tools, to assess a hacker’s ability to gain access to your business’s internal systems and data, and perform a focused penetration test. The result will be an actionable assessment report detailing the security effectiveness of the perimeters of your on-premise data center and cloud environments, and steps outlining how security can be improved.

Annual Web Application Vulnerability Test

Websites, and the applications that run on them, provide attack surfaces that attract hackers. Web servers are one of the access points of your computing environment that are always accessible by outsiders. SystemExperts will verify that websites, web applications, and other web-enabled services employ proper configuration, require secure credentials for all user access, and do not offer sensitive information without requiring a secure login.


Achieving the goal of a constant level of high security requires continual testing as security weaknesses can arise over time from many sources. Our exclusive EXPERTscan service is an automated testing system that conducts internal and external network environment vulnerability scans on a periodic basis. Using EXPERTscan over a predetermined time period will expose risks in the networking infrastructure as well as increase the general awareness of security issues.

SERVICEcheck℠ & WEBcheck℠

Every business day, SystemExperts performs a service integrity check. We compare the set of TCP/IP services offered by a designated set of Internet facing machines and notify you if the profile changes or if any new services have been added. Similarly, SystemExperts monitors your web site home page and static content linked from that home page daily for adverse changes and notifies you of any problems that we find.


We’ll be there when you need to bounce ideas off a knowledgeable sounding board or simply brainstorm with someone on ways to solve a particularly tough problem. Think of the SystemExperts Security Blanket as providing you with the coverage and bench-depth you’ve always needed but could never before afford on a full time basis.

Security Blanket Certification Letter

SystemExperts prepares a letter that describes your customized Security Blanket program to concisely communicate to prospective customers, auditors, or regulators your ongoing security activities. It will also demonstrate that you are fulfilling your due diligence obligations.

Capital Asset Management

SystemExperts provides security and compliance services for an elite set of capital asset management firms. These firms are characterized by a profound need to protect their reputation, intellectual property, investment strategy and analytics, and information about their clients. SystemExperts helps these clients maintain regulatory compliance by performing Security Architecture Reviews, Controls Testing, Log Monitoring, Incident Response Planning, Phishing & Social Engineering Assessment, and other custom services.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Many organizations struggle with the challenge of monitoring the security state of their systems. They try to manually review logs and events, but regularly find they can’t keep up. They then turn to automated Security Information and Event Management tools to simplify collection, alerting and analysis of log data so that they can quickly respond to high-risk security events — but this carries its own challenges, such as alarm fatigue and risk analysis. SystemExperts has extensive experience in assisting clients to design, deploy, and operate a streamlined SIEM solution.

Identity & Access Management Services

Identity and access management is one of the cornerstones of security: every organization has to control access to its systems and resources, and know who has access to what data and when. From authentication and authorization to document and data retrieval, identity and access management services help you control your assets and ensure they remain uncompromised. Effective identity and access management systems simplify usability for your employees by standardizing applications and processes across the board allowing for easy-to-use, cost-effective solutions.

How Can We Help Secure Your Business?

With our complete range of customizable services, the SystemExperts team will help design solutions to meet your comprehensive security needs. We set you up for success and let your team focus on what’s important. Contact SystemExperts to request a free and confidential consultation by phone.

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