IT Security Industry Predictions for 2016

While it is impossible to predict the future (since I don’t really have a crystal ball) I can offer the following predictions for security trends to watch for in 2016:

  • We will continue to witness large scale data breaches that could have been prevented if only well established security practices had actually been applied.
  • Companies will continue to struggle to deploy all current security updates in a timely manner.
  • Security researchers should expect to see a backlash from various industries as a result of some recent findings. Large multinational corporations will lobby governments to restrict security researchers from examining and testing proprietary systems such as automobiles, aircraft, medical devices, voting machines, and anything to do with the entertainment industry. Expect to see the auto industry in particular spending money on lobbying all around the world to limit security testing of their products.
  • Companies rushing products to market in the Internet-of-Things gold rush will continue deliver products that provide inadequate security, while claiming that customers want features, not security.

And on a more positive note:

  • We should continue to see a slow but steady decrease in spam traffic worldwide
  • Data analytics will increasingly be used to more rapidly identify cyber criminal activity
  • API security gateways are continuing to mature
  • ·Multi-factor authentication will continue to gain traction, mediating the risks associated with traditional passwords.