Cost-Effective ISO 27002 Compliance Program

Information security management is more important than ever before. If you want to ensure that your company is aligned with ISO 27002 controls, signing on for our ISO 27002 compliance program will be an effective solution to “fast-track” best practice guidelines for your enterprise computing infrastructure.

Why is ISO 27002 Compliance So Important?

The assets of your organization are at risk without strong and ultra-modern Information Security.

While there is not one formula for perfect security, the guidelines set by ISO 27002 are the most mature and accepted standard to ensure that proper security controls are in place. ISO 27002 controls also help to leverage your current resources and ensure the most beneficial security practices are in effect.

Evolving in the direction of ISO 27002 compliance is a smart decision. We are here to help your organization achieve this important milestone in a “learn-to-fish” approach.

Our Compliance Program is designed to guide your team through the whole journey, from preparation to Letter of Attestation. Our ISO 27002 experts will use their skills, training and work experience to ensure that security measures are applied in a smart, cost-effective manner to minimize business risk.


What To Expect

Our ISO 27002 Compliance service is designed to offer your organization an exceptional return on your investment. First, we will get to know your company, then encourage your team to create a security program which is a perfect blend of technology and business. Our process is designed to isolate and prioritize particular tasks, all while boosting security and achieving compliance alignment.

Our Compliance Program will position your firm to meet the requirements of ISO 27001, HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, PCI and other relevant regulations. Our service greatly improves department cross-functionality. For example, a company’s Human Resources and IT departments will be more effective and efficient when dealing with security issues. Another important facet of our service is that it’s designed to find deficiencies, which other audit programs for ISO 27002 tend to overlook. Our process will inspire your organization to create balanced approaches to security, including policies with the appropriate features and business processes.

One thing we often say when we first meet with a client is “we are not auditors”. We are not there to “flag you with an audit finding” and report it to the Board of Directors. SystemExperts takes the approach that we are there to work in partnership with you and the organization, to review and suggest improvements for any controls that do not meet the requirements, or simply to strengthen them by guiding you toward industry best practices. In fact, our first report is typically “for your eyes only”. Our methodology allows a 90-day remediation window to reach compliance or even just to improve a control. The final report only shows the current status of the control, not what you had to do to get there. The goal of course is for our clients to reach compliance, but also to improve the maturity level of their Security Program over time while we work together through our comprehensive process.


About System Experts

At SystemExperts, we provide expert security consulting and IT compliance services. Founded in 1994, we are established and highly-rated by our loyal clients. We take pride in creating solutions which address the myriad security needs of organizations.

To date, we have helped hundreds of firms to handle impending threats and plan for secure futures. Let us help you align with the ISO 27002 code of practice for information security controls. Call or email us today.

Our team can guide you from preparation through compliance with the ISO 27002 code of practice for information security controls. We work with you to ensure that security measures are applied wisely and cost-effectively. Our efforts are focused on activities that will reduce real business risk.