DBAs, security pros can learn to get along – Commentary by Brad Johnson

April 3, 2013 — FierceCIO

The ‘Oscar and Felix’ of IT must find common ground

Database administrators and security pros are integrally involved in securing data, but the two camps can seem like the “Oscar and Felix” of IT operations, writes Ericka Chickowski at Dark Reading. The two disciplines tend to approach data from different knowledge bases, backgrounds and goals, but they can learn to find common ground that will improve database risk management.

“DBAs tend to view their work from the perspective of a normal user while IT security staff tends to look at DB or web functionality from the perspective of an intruder. The former is trying to do their job, the latter is trying to ‘break in’ to get access to data or services that were meant to be controlled or private,” says Brad Johnson, vice president at consulting firm SystemExperts. Read the article