Cyber Security Trends and Predictions for 2018

I was recently asked my thoughts about cyber security trends for the coming year. Here are a few of my predictions:

  • GDPR requirements will expose data handling issues that greatly exceed expert predictions. Tools will be developed to automate the encapsulation of discovered data into secure cloud based environments.  This will address security and data retention concerns.
  • PCI cardholder data environments (CDE) will be targeted with increased focus. In addition, POS (point of sale) and ATM readers will be attacked more frequently with advanced remote skimming devices.
  • Hackers will expose the weakness in wireless technology to target networks with malware originally designed for small financial gain to inflict wide spread denial of service attacks against company networks.
  • Virus and Malware will be created to inflict widespread damage to cloud based storage solutions.
  • Recent breaches that exposed Social Security numbers for much of the nation will force governments to create a replacement, perhaps a universal biometric identity system.