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Down but not out of options: How to keep IT security together in a company that’s gone bankrupt

by Josh Fruhlinger, CSO, October 7, 2016 Corporate chaos The supply chain upon which modern multinational commerce depends was thrown into chaos earlier this year when South Korea’s Hanjin Shipping filed for bankruptcy. Dozens of container ships with hundreds of crew and thousands of pounds of cargo onboard were essentially stranded at sea, as ports […]

Cyber Security Investments: Experts Discuss Detection vs. Prevention

by Nate Lord, Digital Guardian, September 26, 2016 Detection or prevention? 36 security pros and IT experts share their top recommendations for prioritizing security investments. Enterprises are increasingly aware of the growing need to invest in sound security measures capable of securing valuable company data in the ever-evolving threat landscape. But in the face of […]

A future ‘hot target’ for attackers: How construction companies can improve cybersecurity

by Kim Slowey, Construction DIVE, August 11, 2016 Construction companies are infamous for their reluctance to adopt the latest technologies. Most of the largest companies have made the leap, but for small and mid-sized firms, the process continues inch by inch. However, as contractors join the digital age and begin to reap the benefits of […]

The Brave New World Of Cloud Application Security

by Teresa Meek, Workday Contributor, Forbes, August 3, 2016 As businesses continue their flight to the cloud, their concerns about security are changing. The cloud can offer companies better security than their own data centers — but only if they understand how to manage the responsibilities that come with it. What Smaller Businesses Can’t Do For years, security […]

6 ways to reduce Shadow IT security risks

by Joe Stangarone, writer, MRC’s Cup of Joe Blog, July 19, 2016 Summary: A rapidly growing trend, “Shadow IT” is the use of unapproved IT systems and solutions within organizations. End users are increasingly bypassing IT in favor of third party solutions and services. In this article, we explore the security risks of Shadow IT, […]

Who Should Be Able to Opt Out of Security Awareness training – and How

by Ian Palmer, researcher for InfoSec Institute, March 9, 2016 Brad Johnson is adamant that no one in an organization should be exempt from security awareness training. Not the CEO. Not the chief security officer. Nobody. Johnson, the vice president of SystemExperts, says that making exceptions on the security awareness training front would only open […]