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Security Experts Share Top Tips for Protecting Unstructured Data

by Nate Lord, Digital Guardian, May 22, 2017 19 security professionals and business leaders share their top tips for protecting unstructured data. From the contents of emails to intellectual property, business plans, proprietary training documentation, and much more, most enterprises manage vast amounts of unstructured data containing valuable and sensitive information. The sheer volume of unstructured […]

Firm’s Data Storage Plan Out of This World

by Garrett Reim,  Los Angeles Business Journal, January 27, 2017 INTERNET: Startups look to satellites for higher security. Cloud Constellation Corp. has a far-flung idea. As businesses and governments consider ways to protect data in light of increased cyberattacks and surveillance, the startup is offering them a chance to put their information out of reach […]

How to Secure Intellectual Property from Loss or Compromise

by Nate Lord, Digital Guardian, January 10, 2017 Data Protection experts weigh in with tips on securing intellectual property in its many forms. Intellectual property is often among an organization’s most valuable assets, yet it’s also vulnerable to threat and compromise, particularly the vast amounts of intellectual property stored electronically today. Intellectual property can take […]

Want a board-level cybersecurity expert? They’re hard to find

by Alan R. Earls, TechTarget, SearchSecurity, November 16, 2016 Members of the board must be ready to defend their fiduciary decisions, corporate policies, compliance actions and, soon, cybersecurity preparedness. Pity the corporate board. Not that long ago, many boards of directors had a relatively sleepy existence, proffering guidance from time to time, but actually taking action only […]

Social Media Security Tips and Best Practices

In response to a recent query about security pitfalls surrounding social media, Jonathan Shuffler and I came up with the following tips and best practices: When setting account security questions, do not use real answers.  A lot of security questions ask publicly available information, e.g., What is your favorite sports team?  An attacker would need only […]