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Data Leak Prevention Tools: Experts Reveal The Biggest Mistake Companies Make Purchasing & Implementing Data Leak Prevention Software

By Nate Lord, Digital Guardian, May 14, 2015 Due to their size, enterprises have many security issues to consider when establishing a comprehensive data security strategy. One security need that is especially critical for larger companies – because they typically have many employees and large volumes of sensitive data – is proper data leak prevention. […]

10 Security Questions To Ask A Cloud Service Provider

By Erika Chickowski, Contributing Writer, Dark Reading, May 12, 2015 Erika Chickowski of Dark Reading posted a slideshow of the most important security questions companies should ask cloud providers in order to evaluate the risk of using that service. Paul Hill, senior consultant, SystemExperts, contributed two questions for the article: Do you encrypt all data transmissions, including […]

Is your business data really secure?

Joe Stangarone, writer,  MRCs Cup of Joe Blog, March 24, 2015 Summary: With data breaches on the rise, security becomes more important than ever. Is your company (unwittingly) putting your data at risk? Are you following best practices for data security? Learn 7 ways to better secure your data. They say that “any press is good […]

SMB Awareness of Breach Notification Laws IndustryView | 2015

by Daniel Humphries, Managing Editor for IT Security research firm, Software Advice, February, 2015 Currently, 47 U.S. states have security breach notification laws, which require organizations that store sensitive information to notify customers and clients if their personal data is breached. In this report, we investigate how aware decision-makers at small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are of the laws that […]