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The Boutique vs The Goliath

I consider myself one of the lucky ones. After working at SystemExperts for 6 years as its Director of Business Development, I left in early 2007 to take a position as North America Sales Director for a security practice within a large global consulting firm. As a son of a high-level executive of a Fortune […]

Embracing PCI for no other reason than…

One of my least favorite terms in the business world today is that all too tenuous ‘industry best practices for security.’ What does that really mean? Does ‘industry’ mean the ‘security industry’ or does it mean, for example, the ‘financial services industry?’ So let’s say it refers to the ‘financial services industry.’ Let’s go one […]

The Power of a Trusted Relationship

Many small companies have never engaged a third party to conduct a security review of any sort. The reasons for not doing so range from being too busy, to not budgeting for such an assessment, to not knowing where to start in the vendor selection process, and everything in between. However, some day and some […]