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Considering the Use of a CPaaS Provider? Look at the Inherent Risks

The rise of the communications platform as a service (CPaaS) model has many enterprises migrating from on-premises communications to cloud platforms and APIs. CPaaS and APIs offer benefits including improved productivity and third-party app integrations, but before proceeding to adopt CPaaS companies should consider the inherent risks. Remember that the underlying technologies tend to be […]

Cybercrime: Impact on Manufacturers

With the rise in value of intellectual property, cybercriminals are now aiming their activity on the manufacturing sector. Manufacturers in the past haven’t practiced the strictest of cybersecurity measures, making themselves quite vulnerable today. The exception to this are industries, such as chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, which are subject to federal regulations regarding cybersecurity. Within […]

How important is AWS certification for career success?

Many companies specify the need for a certification in job postings simply to weed out unqualified candidates as quickly as possible. The reality is that for most companies, real world experience and demonstrated success will count more than a certification. For a long term career path with few limitations a much better choice is to […]

How Companies Can Protect Themselves from Ransomware

I was recently asked about ransomware and how companies can defend themselves. The most common vectors of infection for ransomware are via email, such as attachments and malicious links in the email,  and exploit kits, which are usually executed when a victim visits a compromised websites. Some organizations assert that approximately 60 percent of ransomware […]

AI in Cybersecurity: How it can be tricked

Using AI to provide cybersecurity solutions has received a lot of press in the past two years. The reality is that most “AI cybersecurity” products use Machine Learning (ML) techniques, which is just one subset of a broader range of techniques associated with deep AI. ML techniques are being used in several cybersecurity domains including: […]

Protecting from Phishing and Spear-Phishing

SystemExperts Corporation is aware that many companies are seeing spear-phishing attempts where the emails purport to be from internal employees. We have also heard reports that compromised email accounts have been used to send spear-phishing emails to third-parties and the owner of the compromised accounts do not see the emails being sent on their behalf, […]

Three Cyber Security Tips for Small Businesses

There are three critical security controls that all small businesses should implement if they are just starting to address security. These are: Keep your systems up to date by applying all security updates Make sure you have daily backups of all critical data and be sure to test the ability to restore from the backups […]

How to Prevent a Ransomware Attack

It is always better to be proactively prepared and prevent ransomware attacks than having to react after an attack occurs. Paying the ransom is not recommended. Law enforcement and IT Security companies have joined forces to disrupt cybercriminal businesses with ransomware connections. The “No More Ransom” website is an initiative by the National High Tech […]

Intel’s Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities

By now you have probably read some articles about the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities but you may still be seeking guidance for how your organization should react. First a quick recap, Meltdown and Spectre were announced early in January of 2018. Unlike most other vulnerabilities, Meltdown and Spectre exploit critical vulnerabilities in modern processors. Meltdown […]