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Teacup Tempests

A recent data breach scare highlights the importance of carefully evaluating news reports of data breaches before reacting. Reuters (followed by many others) broke a story relating how 272 million account credentials – including Gmail, Microsoft and Yahoo! Email – had been exposed. “Change your password now!” read the headlines. Time to react, right? Or […]

What’s Ethical Hacking?

Often in social situations, when people ask what I do for living, I have to pause for a moment.  If I want to deflect the conversation, I just say “computer security” and their eyes usually glaze over and we move on to other topics.  However, if I’m honest and say “ethical hacking,” this invariably arouses […]

How Shadow IT Fits in Today’s IT Organizations

For those old enough to remember, the controversy surrounding shadow IT in the cloud computing world recalls a time when personal computers and spreadsheets first threatened the IT mini and mainframe priesthood. The motivations seem very much the same: business users want solutions quickly, and want to try different tools and methods now instead of […]