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Identity Theft Blog Entry

Where is the outrage? Security incompetence is putting millions of people at risk for identity theft and there seems to be no accountability at all. Week after week we see major companies losing control of their customers’ and employees’ private data. This past few weeks saw AT&T notifying present and past employees (I’m aware of […]

ISO 2700X: A Cornerstone of Security

For years, organizations have been searching for an objective benchmark to measure the security of potential business partners and to distinguish the security-quality of their own services. While not perfect, ISO 17799 emerged as the standard of choice because it overcame many of the critical deficiencies of SAS 70. Specifically, it provided a comprehensive set […]

Securing Service Oriented Architecture:Ready, Shoot, Aim

It is almost impossible to pick up an IT technical publication these days without seeing articles touting the virtues of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). SOA offers the promise of reduced development cost and faster time to market primarily through code reuse. The critical topic that is lost in all of this is security – and […]