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Protecting the Critical Infrastructure from cyber warfare

by Joe Clapp, senior consultant, SystemExperts for SC Magazine, March 13, 2019 Cyber attacks are hard to prevent. A cyberattack against our nation’s critical infrastructure (CI) is especially hard to thwart and could have devastating consequences to our human existence. Most everyone is aware of the catastrophic risk the electrical grid faces from a cyberattack. […]

Guideline for Reporting a Cyber Incident

In our last blog post, we covered the best practices for creating and implementing an Incident Response Plan (IRP). As a follow-on to that post, we’d like to share insight on the steps an organization can take for reporting a cyber incident. Any incident that has the potential to cause significant damage to the confidentiality, […]

Three Best Practices for Creating and Implementing an Incident Response Plan

A cyber incident can have serious consequences. When a potential incident occurs that could negatively impact the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of your company’s data, fear and confusion can consume the organization. In the military, we refer to this as “the fog of war.” To avoid a misstep during the critical post-incident response time, the […]

Protect Your Network with these Three Steps

In addition to being a security consultant by trade, I am a Chief Warrant Officer for the Massachusetts Army National Guard, where I mentor incident handlers and senior leadership on offensive and defensive cyber warfare. In this position, I am regularly asked for advice on all things related to cyber. One recent query from a […]

Crisis Management Centers and Cyber Security

I was asked to contribute to an article about 911 communications centers recently based on my experience with large crisis management centers (think the 2014 Boston Marathon bombing). Below are my responses to the questions: What are the common vulnerabilities communication centers face? 24-hour crisis managements centers often have shared computers. I would expect that […]

Best Practices for Contracting with Cloud Service Vendors

I was recently asked about best practices for contracting with cloud service vendors – and thought this advice was worth sharing. What is the best strategy if you decide to change vendors? Always conduct a parallel transition. This will keep your data in place at your original vendor during the transition. This cost more but […]

The Shift that EternalBlue May Have Caused Within IT Leadership

For leaders in IT, 2017 has been the year of EternalBlue (the weaponized version of the vulnerability described in MS17-010), whether they know it or not.  EternalBlue allowed the trivial exploitation of Microsoft systems allowing an attacker to gain the highest level of system permissions.  This sort of vulnerability set the hacking community on fire […]

What are the five most critical steps to take during the first 48 hours post data breach?

1. Protect – The first and most important (time sensitive) step is to protect your environment and prevent additional damage and/or data loss.  This could be as simple as disconnecting from any wired and wireless networks.  Also disconnect any local backup drives that could overwrite previously archived data. 2. Communicate – It is vital to […]

The Dangers of Wireless Technology on the Road

How to Protect Your Data in Airports, Coffee Houses, and Hotels In a recent interview, I was asked a series of questions about the dangers of wireless technology on the road. I’d like to share my responses here as to ways that travelers can protect their data when hooking up to “free” wireless technology in […]