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Tips to Making Passwords Stronger

Following up on Jon’s recent post looking at changes enterprises can make to achieve security serenity, I’d like to offer some specific tips on how to make stronger passwords and some general online account safety advice. Use a unique mix of character types (both letters and numbers) and capitalization in your password – the use […]

Don’t Forget the Basics to Protect Against Security Threats and Your Online Reputation

Jessica Merritt of Online Reputation Management  recently asked the question —  what are the biggest security threats facing companies today and how do they have the potential to effect reputation? In her article – click here – she identifies 9 tips to protect against security threats and compromised reputations. While one of my tips was […]

Due Diligence

When it comes to information security many organizations, no matter their size, lose sight of the basics.  Performing the proper due diligence around the “basics” can provide a solid foundation for advancement in computer resources and protection against the so-called advance persistent threat.  The question most likely weighing on many organization’s minds is, “What constitutes […]

Yahoo! Breach: SQL Injection

As the Yahoo story breaks, I will continue to preach the “due-diligence” approach. These attacks occur because companies do not pay attention.  D33ds claims this is a “wake-up call” – I would say to everyone, not just Yahoo. As the story breaks we are learning more details, but lets examine three areas of “fail” on Yahoo’s […]

An Artist and his tools

I ask you, what does a security analyst have in common with Picasso, Shakespeare, and Mozart? You are probably asking yourself how one could begin to make such a connection. The connection, they are all artists with different mediums. Picasso had his paints; Shakespeare had the stage; Mozart his violin and piano; and the security […]