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Security Implications of Connected Consumer Electronics

I’d like to pose a question: What do you think the security implications of connecting various popular IoT consumer electronic devices is? A) No harder than it was for other new devices like laptops, wireless connections and smartphones, or B) No easier than it was for previous new devices. The answer is both and a […]

Cybersecurity by Segregation

With recent news of Singapore disconnecting its government networks from internet access, and now requiring civil servants to use separate computers, I was asked to comment on the security issues this cybersecurity segregation will cause. Deciding to disconnect from the Internet is clearly a difficult decision and more than likely a result of a reaction […]

IoT Hidden Security Risks

While the security of IoT devices is a growing area of concern for the enterprise, the biggest IoT risk for businesses is if they decide to react to IoT issues rather than plan and prepare for them. Everybody knows that the earlier in a cycle you can deal with a problem, the less expensive it […]

Protecting Data from Cyber Thieves

Getting hacked is one of the most feared outcomes for anybody who is doing business on or through the Internet. The bad news is there are always people trying to hack systems and get access to sensitive, private or confidential data. The good news is that the tips a financial advisor should follow to safeguard […]

Steps Enterprises Should Take to Eliminate Website Vulnerabilities

It’s understood that security is not an endpoint. It is a process that requires constant vigilance, reassessment and evolutionary change. The security of a website is no exception. Most websites continue to have security vulnerabilities because the primary focus tends to be on application functionality and not security. Application developers are incented to finish updates […]

Steps SMBs Should Take to Protect Their Data

With security breaches continuing to dominate the news, I’d like to take this opportunity to share my response to a recent Q&A addressing the steps small businesses should take to protect their data against security breaches.  1.  What steps should small businesses take to protect their data and e-commerce sites? One of the most important steps […]

Tips for Minimizing IT Security Risks at Work

The unfortunate reality is that you are at the same risk level at work as you are anyplace else. In other words, you should protect yourself at work as if you are using a public Wi-Fi at the local coffee shop. Why is that? Email phishing and infected websites (e.g., with ransomware) are two of […]

What is the next Heartbleed in IT?

As IT security consultants, we are constantly surveying the landscape to see what the next threat will be for our clients. What made Heartbleed so dangerous is that it existed in a piece of software that most Internet users depend on (infrastructure) and that the exploit itself yielded immediately consumable security data (payload) like certificate […]