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Fighting Cyber-Threats With Innovative Tech

by Samuel Greengard, business & technology reporter, Baseline, Oct. 24, 2017

Increasingly sophisticated and dangerous cyber-threats require more innovative security approaches, including advanced automation tools, AI and blockchain.

The complexities of today’s cyber-security environment aren’t lost on anyone. It’s increasingly difficult to spot threats, detect intrusions, and thwart hackers and cyber-thieves.

“A cruise through the latest headlines about breaches is sobering,” says […]

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Can Additional Legislation Improve IoT Security

I was recently asked if increased legislation could help improve IoT security, and how it will affect the IT department. Here’s my response:

Legislation can absolutely help IoT security by ensuring that manufacturers follow common core principles, strategies and infrastructure. The Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2017 is an example of how legislation can compel manufacturers to […]

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Qualifying IT Security Risks

How should a small organization quantify risk when it comes to IT security?  

In my last post, I discussed how people with little or no IT security experience are often put in charge of IT security at small companies. I explained how they might approach telling their boss how things are going on the security […]

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