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Protecting Data from Cyber Thieves

Getting hacked is one of the most feared outcomes for anybody who is doing business on or through the Internet. The bad news is there are always people trying to hack systems and get access to sensitive, private or confidential data. The good news is that the tips a financial advisor should follow to safeguard sensitive client […]

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Teacup Tempests

A recent data breach scare highlights the importance of carefully evaluating news reports of data breaches before reacting. Reuters (followed by many others) broke a story relating how 272 million account credentials – including Gmail, Microsoft and Yahoo! Email – had been exposed. “Change your password now!” read the headlines. Time to react, right?

Or not. […]

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Cyber Warfare Exercise

cyberwarriorIn the next few weeks I will be participating in an intensive 15-day cyber warfare exercise hosted by the Massachusetts Army National Guard.  This exercise is conceptualized around a cyber attack affecting critical infrastructure in the Northeast with an emphasis on public and private collaboration.

I will be working on a “Red […]

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