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Security compliance: How much is enough?

by Michael O’Dwyer, contributor, The PULSE of IT, November 23, 2015

Excerpt: Businesses should take baby steps when it comes to security compliance, starting with a security standard that is easier to comply with, like the ISO/IEC 27002, which deals with end-to-end security.

“It is easy to understand, and it is up to the company to determine the level of detail. […]

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Kudos to Alex!

It is not in our nature to brag – and doing security work means that we can’t talk about our best achievements. 

However, when one of our own accomplishes the impossible, I have to let people know.

In 2014, Alex Chaveriat won the prestigious DEF CON Black Badge by coming in first place […]

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BYOD Security and the Mobile Market

BYOD security is a frequent topic among IT security experts. This, my third BYOD post this year, focuses on the mobile market. (Post one, Always-on Access Brings Always-Threatening Security Risks, June 25, 2015; Post two, Device Settings that Help Prevent Unauthorized Information Disclosure, July 13, 2015.)

The mobile market continues to be […]

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